Ducks are Bullies too

Scary Duck!A little while back I was putting my oldest son to bed and he told me about a dream he had where a “scary” duck came into his room and was scaring him, keeping him on his bed. I told him if he faces what he fears it’s no longer scary. Did I stop there? No. That wasn’t enough. I told him to confront the duck and tell him to go away. I didn’t just tell him, I got up and demonstrated how he should do it with authority and a bit of a threat in his tone! In all honesty I was getting a little riled up about it.


Mel Gibson as William Wallace wearing woad.

When I sat back down he looked inspired like I had just repeated that great speech in Braveheart where William Wallace gets his troops inspired in the face of certain doom.

Why did I become so dramatic? I’m not sure, but I am very anti-bullying and it digs a hole in my heart when my little man is distraught about something like that. It became more about handling bullies than it did about the duck, even though I never mentioned bullies or bullying. We’ve had that talk a few times.

I’m still waiting to hear about the dream where he kicks a ducks ass all up and down his room. 😉


2 thoughts on “Ducks are Bullies too

  1. Yeah, nightmares are the worst. You can’t really be there to help them during a nightmare, whereas in almost any other struggle they have you can be right there with them.

    And that speech from Braveheart is awesome! I had the entire thing memorized at one point. 🙂

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